Buy gift cards with Crypto and live freely

Choose from 150+ available retailers and buy gift cards for goods, travel, entertainment, and more. Now you can build an entire lifestyle on crypto and cut out the unecessary fees, systems, and processing issues. Buy gift cards for specific items or purchase prepaid Visa and Mastercards and buy whatever you need or want.

Sell Gift Cards for Crypto

GiftCash is part of the crypto revolution. Keep growing your crypto portofolio by selling gift cards. Along with our cash options, you now have the power to get paid out in bitcoin, litecoin, etherium, and other available crypto. The choice is yours, choose crypto as your payout option!

Exchanging in Bulk?

For all of our bulk users who are buying or selling gift cards in bulk, cryptocurrency payments and payouts are accepted at

Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto Questions
What is cryptocurrency?
What is bitcoin?
Why do you have fees for cryptocurrency payouts?
How is my crypto payout calculated?
How long does it take to receive my crypto payout if I am selling a gift card?
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